People weren’t meant to fly so quickly through time and space, but that’s what’s happened to me. 3 beaches on 3 continents in just over a month. I’ve not just crossed time zones, but I’ve had the chance to stand with stark admiration of the rapid passage of time; and how I crave to make the most of each moment.

Sri Lanka.

Last you saw me, I was on the lawnchair in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, contemplating the potent mixture of music and rum, which forms fast and fleeting bonds between strangers. I also felt so incredibly lucky that despite dragging my kids through Europe in their early years, they still want to travel with me as teens. I’ve reached a new level of parenting — a relaxed, fun level, but I know it will be gone too soon. There is a certain gravity to words like ‘university’ and ‘degree program.’


At the Tampa airport, I was greeted by a woman holding a sign that read: “Welcome home from rehab!” This was a sign only a best friend could have written. We laughed, and I tried not to cry. I’ve known Mavis for over thirty years. We spent our formative years together and bitched a lot about guys and parents. It was a time where we agonized over life choices that seemed to have no happy medium. It was the dizzying ‘all or nothing’ life of teenage-hood.

Canary Islands.

This year, I threw my oldest daughter into the deep-end of the Adulthood Pool. I knew she was ready. It has been hard for her. She has experienced the pain and the joy that comes with being self-sufficient. I am proud of her for the millions of ‘little’ adulthood things she never had to think about before: battling mice, lighting a gas stove & gas heater, choosing furniture that will fit up the ungodly flights of narrow stairs to her attic apartment, job contracts, healthcare benefits…the list goes on.

American expat in Germany, formerly conservative homeschool mom now navigating widowhood; runner, writer, Crossfitter, trying to figure **it out

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