Himalayan Weight loss clinic for Foreigners

The reason people lose weight on Himalayan treks isn’t because of the weeks of climbing at altitude: it’s because of the diarrhea and/or vomiting.

If you visit the Himalayas, never say or write or even dare think “Thank god I don’t have diarrhea,” because whichever god is lurking around the corner is going to smite your bowels and laugh.

I realized yesterday while filling my water that when we left Phakding, I may have only put a single tablet in a bladder meant for two.

I didn’t realize my mistake until the water had already been swimming around in my body for about 24 hours.

It could’ve been anything, really, the yak steak, the murky bath water in which I soaked (it was hot, ok…don’t judge).

Regardless of cause, the effect is that I was running to the charpi every hour last night, begging the god of the bowels for forgiveness.

I’ve got seven hours of hiking ahead of me. I feel a bit nauseous, and frankly, I’m afraid to move out of my snuggly bed. But the clock is ticking.

Though I haven’t owned a uterus in years, I’ll wear a sanitary pad in a feeble hope to preserve my favorite underwear, should the worst happen. I sort of hope if it comes down to it, I’ll have to vomit rather than squat by the trail.

At least vomiting doesn’t require exposure of private bits. And now I must say goodbye to my cozy bed and pack.

Hopefully I can write about more pleasant topics (like seeing Everest, like FaceTiming my kids from a real coffee shop, like finding tiny purple flowers on the cliffs) once we arrive in Deboche.


American expat in Germany, formerly conservative homeschool mom now navigating widowhood; runner, writer, Crossfitter, trying to figure **it out

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